Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"CYBER STREET TEAM" has joined "HIPHOPSTARDOM101" Magazine in Sponsoring TOPMICS

"Cyber Team"

"CYBER STREET TEAM" has joined "HIPHOPSTARDOM101" Magazine in
Sponsoring "TOPMICS" 50 City Tour Competition.

Cyber Street Team is an online PR and Marketing company, that helps promote upcoming artists through effective online marketing strategies. They help you understand Social media while helping build a solid fan base. www.cyberstreetteam.com

by "Cyber Team"
1 Month Campaign to promote new single , Mixtape, Album, or Video
Placements on Blogs, Lifestyle Sites, Online Magazines
Interviews to help spread the word about your project
Personal Cyber Press kit to help pitch you to top publications
Placement on Internet Radio, and Podcasts Stations.
Tips on how to understand and utilize social networking to your best ability
2 Focus calls to get you and your team on the right track for your project
Artist/label consultation from one of the industries top executives.
Monthly Newsletter - learn how to become your own Marketing and PR Team

What is "Cyber Street Team"
CST (Cyber Street Team) has specialized in the marketing and branding of popular and new artist in the music industry for over 10 years through their parent company Monalis360, and because of our well vetted experience, CST understands exactly what is needed to help you compete in the ever-changing and competitive climate of the entertainment industry for a fraction of the average cost. Talent on its own is no longer enough in today's entertainment business; therefore one must take every shimmering advantage to get the edge on competition.

Using CST newly launched Online CPK(Cyber Press Kit) Artist Management System, any artist large or small can now experience the care and support that is normally exclusive to major recording artist and big budget clientele. With CST system you will not only have a uniform digital representation of your work and career, but also a platform that will support and benefit from our established and growing database of press, bloggers, tastemakers, industry execs, and influential insiders. Using our platform, CST (Cyber Street Team) will completely manage and automate your entertainment career with ease and precision while garnering you private and professional reviews and criticism from the very peers that can make or break your career.

CST vast and eclectic contact base will tell us exactly what kind of artists they want to hear based on their specific interests and most importantly, we don't just pass your product on and leave it at that, we get feedback from your audiences as well as the media professionals in a completely contained managed way so that you can focus entirely on the creative aspect of being an artist without the added weight and frustration of representing yourself as your own PR, Manager, Etc.

"Cyber Street Team"
Ceo- Deshanna Samii
Office- 5164392061.

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