Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last night was wicked and awesome

There was nothing but New Stars on deck last night, THE REAL FUTUREs OF MUSIC was at INTERNATIONAL WEDNESDAY on Miami/ TOPMICS witnessed true genius with dope concepts to their lyrics/ MULA GANG did not come to play, they blew minds. CAMO is one of south Florida's top hope he really knows what he is doing, he gave an commanding performance/ JAE STARR was in the house. And our HOST "DVD" has risen to unimaginable heights with her talent, she's probably the best female MC in South Florida/ Timothy Scott/ Tank Hoffa and all of the performers you got Top Topmics Points. Let's not forget about "DJ Swaggah", he came he saw and then conquered all of our guests with divine music selections, it was a night that won't be forgotten. Shout out to DEZ/ CEE WURLD/ TONY and the bartender KK. See you a next Wednesday. Bless Up!

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