Friday, March 27, 2015

The California Aftermath

ASTREETZ you pulled it off, congratulations sir. And as for SHAM ROCCUS your Album is that and more, wait until your fans get a hold of it, they are going to be very thankful so make sure you have another in the works for them. PROBLEMA LIRICAL DSN you looked comfortable in VIP sir, as always even when you're at the TOPMICS SHOW in MIAMI you're always doing bottles. Thank you sir and thanks for the performance, see you in Virginia Beach APRIL 2nd at the The TOPMICS Tour. PONCE DE'LEIOUN you are a Star/ 9 months ready. We want to thank all the artists who showed up and showed out last night/ Massive S/O to the staff and their bottle service. I do believe ASTREETZ says he will be doing the next TOPMICS Tour on the West Coast at the end of June so there you go, something to look forward to. Qween we miss you, where you at?

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