Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Topmics has crowned a new King in New York Sinday

Topmics has crowned a new King in 
New York and he goes by the name of 
"Skinny Rapture" 
(Reggae Artist) 
He's got Reggae on lock, Melodically. 
Topmics Approves This Message

Sunday night at Topmics Tour Competition in the 
New York was terrifically surprisingly fracking Amazing. 
Yes we said it, The Bronx is awesome. 
What made it awesome you say? 
Topmics and the Independent talent from around 
America that showed up and made their mark on the Mic,
 made it Awesome.
The venue was Classic, the stage was right next to the bar so 
there was a lot of drinking and performing Lol. 

"Big P" wherever you are bro please stand 
up and accept this special salute from Topmics, 
ever since our brands connected it's been nothing but 
smooth sailing in New York bro, Topmics love New York. 

"LouGosi" thanks for the performance Sunday night bro, luv it, 
you took us all to that special place. Hey did y'all know that 
WIZ K HALIFA's cousin was in the building on Sunday, straight from Detroit, 
"Jae Starr" bless up. 

Richie Valentine 11 year old son "Lil Dawg" 
performed like a big Dawg Sunday night, 
the tracks that his father had him rhyming on was 
masterfully Awesome.

Do any of you ever heard of an 
artist name "Cali Macc"? If no well use your fingers and go looking, 
Topmics witnessed the greatest show Sunday night in New York ladies and gentlemen, 
Cali Mac you gots to come back. "Zizzo" is a Diva and we are into her, 
no one can match this Staten Island's vocals, what? 
Talent was just pouring out all over like water.

"Mike Moët" Topmics Top Official Top Approved showed 
up and then left, S/O to his management Team Unz Swizzle 
and fams. Hold tha FUK up "Da Regimen Crew" 
is a squad Topmics would vote for, these brothers are 
unique and dedicated. God we Love what We do.

Music is our life as you can see, 
Come on Tour with Topmics, 
We got Cookies.

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